Downtown Chicago Monthly Parking

downtown chicago monthly parkingParking in Chicago can be such a pain! Finding a monthly parking spot is like finding a diamond in the rough.  There are so many phone numbers to call and information to wade through. Take a look at our Chicago Monthly Parking options. Simply type in the address you are looking to find monthly parking at and see all available parking spots. it’s that easy.

        downtown chicago monthly parking



We have Downtown Chicago Monthly Parking Options starting at $129 a month.  This would be for 24/7 parking. There are also many monthly parking options that range from surface lots, full valet, and covered parking garages.


Night and Weekend Parking

There are options for restricted access for night and weekend only parking.  For example, your car can be in a garage anytime between 3:30pm and 8am the next day Monday through Friday, and 24/7 on the weekends.  However, this means your car must NOT be in the garage outside of those times.  Some folks have confused these night and weekend only restricted offers to mean that you can only get access to your car during those times and that you can leave it there.  This is incorrect. The key fob will not work and won’t let you out until you pay the daily rate for the time period your car was in the garage when it wasn’t supposed to.  If you are paying $40 a month for the night and weekend only, this is a great deal but definitely understand and be aware of the time.  If you overstay or forget you are required to pay the daily difference in cost which can be as high as $40 for a single day.  The garages have these specials because they are for when the garage is least full.  Monthly options during this off peak time are great.  They can be used by someone who visits a family member or friend on the weekends from time to time.  Have the monthly $40 option is sometimes better than the transient daily rate here and there.  This is also a great option for night workers if the garage is located in your particular area.   Of course, many do need 24/7 parking and there are many of those options available as well, they just cost a whole lot more.   Click the link below to see all monthly options in Chicago.

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